The importance of comprehensive service in real estate sales

La importancia del servicio integral en la venta inmobiliaria

When making the decision to sell or buy a home, the most essential key is the importance of comprehensive service in real estate sales. The difference between one real estate agency and another lies in the professional management and personalized treatment, considering the details that guarantee success in the sale and purchase process.

When we put our house on sale, there are several functions that the professional team of a real estate agency makes. To know which aspects are indicative of a good service, in this article we will talk about the most important ones. Identifying them will help u understand if our house is in good hands.

What services should we expect from good property management?

There are many aspects to consider when putting a house on sale, summing up all the factors that will depend on closing the deal in required time. Good management will speed up the residential sale, and can save a lot of waiting time, both for the owner and for the future buyer.

Appraisal, advertising, arranging visits and commercial management are the services we expect to find when we entrust the sale of our property. But some of these services make the difference depending on the degree of involvement, in addition to other services that not all real estate agencies offer.

Good knowledge of the real estate market in the area

It is fundamental that a real estate agent knows how to assess the real value of a house for sale. In addition, he or she must know how to negotiate between buyers and sellers, evaluating offers and counter-offers by each client represented. For example, in Real Estate Residencial Mas Nou the average sale price in Costa Brava per square metre is evaluated and made known to the owner.

Then, this value is redefined taking into account the municipality: Playa de Aro, S’Agaró or Santa Cristina de Aro which are towns that have a rising value. In addition to the municipality, which can increase or decrease the price per square metre, the value is also affected by the area. The houses on the beach for sale, or the villas in exclusive residential areas, will have a higher value than those in isolated areas or far from the beach.

The population and location will define the price per square metre to be used as a basis. Afterwards, the state of the property and the year of construction will be other values with which it is possible to vary the starting price, and which will also serve to value counteroffers or adjust the starting price suggested by the owner according to market values.

Inspection and assessment of house for sale

The house inspection is another important detail for defining the strengths of the property. The professionals of house purchase know which elements are the most demanded and when it is convenient to make a small reform to speed up the sale of the real estate property. These details make the difference between a villa that is acquired shortly after it is sold, and another one that, being only a few meters away, can have months without visits.

In Real Estate Residencial Mas Nou we are experts in this type of valuation, as we are used to buy and sell villas in Playa de Aro and other neighbouring towns on the Costa Brava. The real estate agent acts as an intermediary between the offer and the counter-offer, advising each party when it is convenient to be flexible in the price to close the sale.

We advise those aspects of the property to be improved or those that we know are the ones that have just been decided by customers with doubts. These details also are in consideration of alarm, type of heating, walls, ceilings and floors or community services.

Inspection and assessment of house for sale in Playa de Aro

Attractive photographs in the real estate catalogue

The photographs of any house for sale are crucial for arranging visits. In the sale in Costa Brava, and the residential sale, a great part of the potential clients live far from the zone where the house is accommodated. The first impression will be through photographs, and these will be decisive for a potential buyer to decide whether or not to visit the house.

This is why in our work as a real estate agency we never stop insisting on this point. It is not only about the photo session, regardless of whether it is carried out by a professional, but it is the owner’s responsibility to keep in mind the details that will later appear in the photos.

Bedrooms with nice bed linen, clean and tidy rooms, freshly painted walls or a bathroom with towels in warm colors will create a good image. These details would be necessary to make clearly present for the photo session, which also might save time in arranging visits, and after that to have a bigger possibility to close the sale.


In Real Estate Residencial Mas Nou, in Playa de Aro, we are conscious of what the sale of any house on the coast implies. It is quite usual that they are second homes or villas that are offered for sale because they might have become too big for the owners, or for their or convenience they prefer to move to more central places.

To facilitate the convenience of these owners who do not reside in the villa for sale, our real estate agency also offers a maintenance service, and not only for a small repair or paint job needs. Before the visits, we prepare the houses that have been closed for some time in order to get them ready. A clean and well ventilated house, a well-cared garden generate the first positive feeling in the potential client who visits the house for the first time.

Documentation and procedures for the purchase-sale of the house

Last but not least, residential sales require good document management. When the seller and the owner reach an agreement, the solvency of the future buyer is evaluated and both parties are accompanied to the signing of documents, the Earnest money agreement, and the terms and deadlines for payments are established.

It is also the responsibility of the real estate agency to verify the title of the property with the registration simple not, receipt of payment of the IBI, that the property is free of charges, the certificate of habitability and the plan of the property. As far as the buyer is concerned, there are series of steps to guarantee the owner that the sale of his house is in good hands and that the procedure and payments will be made in compliance with the deadlines, as agreed.

In Real Estate Residencial Mas Nou we are a real estate agency in Playa de Aro specialized in villas for sale. We know the importance of the integral service in the real estate sale. That is why we do not neglect the details to offer a comprehensive service that guarantees the comfort and security of each owner who trusts us.

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