Tips for buying a house on the Costa Brava

Tips for buying a house on the Costa Brava

One of the biggest challenges facing those who want to buy a home is what to base their choice on. We are aware of these concerns and of a market as complex as the real estate one, so we have prepared this small guide of advices to buy a house in the Costa Brava.

Some of this advice is based on industry data and the most common mistakes made when buying a home. But other advice is based on common sense, which is sometimes the least common of the senses. A combination of objective data and personal needs will be the key to a good purchase.

Do not prolong the decision: the sale of houses on the coast is rising in price.

According to an annual comparison of real estate operations on the Spanish coast, buying a house on the Costa Brava in 2019 is 1.7% more expensive than a year ago. Although it has had a slight increase with respect to 2018, it is not the area that has experienced the most increases. The areas of the coast that have become more expensive are Malaga and the Balearic Islands, with increase that exceed 10% in just one year.

Given the unpredictability of the real estate market, and the many factors that influence the increase or decrease of prices, it is best not to delay the decision. If you are determined to buy a house, you should not wait for the ideal moment. That ideal moment is when we have decided or have found the house that meets what we are looking for.

To know the average price of houses according to the real estate market

The real estate market is subject to demand and supply. This is what makes the average price per square meter have a certain value. The average price on the Costa Brava is 2,250 €/m2 depending on the prices in 2019.  Although it is a very relative value, it is always a good guide. This value is calculated by making an average between the minimum and maximum price at which a property is being sold, and which is given by other additional characteristics of the property.

The area and the state of the property are determining factors: new or second hand construction, renovation, quality finishes, kitchen and equipped bathrooms increase its value. If it is necessary to reform or manage some permission or documentation, the price will be lower.

The average price is always a reliable indicator to detect when they intend to deceive us or hide something about the property that we cannot see during our visit. If the price is far below the minimum value per m2, we should distrust.

What are we looking for: Apartment on the coast, modern beach house or luxury villa?

Among the tips for buying a home on the Costa Brava is common sense: be realistic with our needs and budget. And from here to decide the type of house that best suits to what we are looking for and the price we have planned to spend.

For investment or summer resort, a more or less centrally located apartment on the coast will be a good option. A modern beach house, with all the amenities, can be used for less seasonal occupation or as a second home. Also, if the idea is to make it profitable in the summer period, it is one of the best options.

The luxury villa covers very specific needs and distances itself from the previous options in the budget. The dimensions of the luxury villa make the final price more expensive, and have a high purchasing power market, usually foreign. Its location is usually in residential and green areas, away from the tourist center, ensuring the privacy and tranquility that the buyer of a luxury villa is looking for.

Where? In residential area, first line of beach, towns near Playa de Aro…

The spectacular houses on the beach are like jewels in a crown: they are in great demand and usually the demand exceeds the supply. The work of the real estate agencies is the key here, as they are in charge of finding the type of house and the starting budget, at the place where they are located.

The area determines the type of services, surroundings and environment. This is not always included in the house, but it is included in the total value (regardless of whether it is reflected in the price or not). Playa de Aro is one of the towns that has increased foreign demand, mainly Russian and Central European. Mas Nou Urbanization is a residential area near the golf course of Playa de Aro, with villas and luxury houses that cover this request.

The towns near Playa de Aro offer a similar quality of life, although they may vary in terms of tourism, occupation or prices. Houses for sale in towns such as Castell d’Aro, S’Agaró or Santa Cristina d’Aro are also purchase options to consider.

Quality of life

If the purchase of a home is meant to be lived in, and not as an investment, this is the most important part. In our list of tips for buying a house in Costa Brava, the quality of life is the last but not the least, because it is a set of things that makes our day to day more pleasant.

The Mediterranean climate and landscapes are the main reason why we want an apartment in S’Agaró or a villa in Playa de Aro. There are other important secondary elements: the neighbourhood and the atmosphere. The fact that it is a quiet and safe area may, in the long run, be more convenient than a beachfront apartment crowded with tourists and night-time locals. Other aspects to take into account are the services: sports centres, supermarkets, leisure and health spaces.

We know that choosing a home is not easy, but we hope that we have helped in some areas that make the value of a home not limited only to the price. In our real estate agency of Playa de Aro Residencial Mas Nou we have the knowledge to find the ideal house that only gives the experience of dealing day by day with our clients.

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